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Carp Fishing Tips

Looking for some carp fishing tips to put you on the right track? Then check out our selection of articles by various authors offering hints, tips and various little carp fishing secrets designed to help you get more out of your fishing. You'll find help and advice on all aspects of carp fishing from the right tackle to the best techniques.


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1 Carp Fishing Tips: The Multi Rig by Leon Bartropp Leon Bartropp
2 Carp Fishing Tips: Zig Foam Balanced Hookbait Rig Ian Lewis
3 Carp Fishing Tips: How to tie an ‘Off the top’ Surface Rig Chris Maltby
4 Carp Fishig Tips: Lewis Read on how to tie blowback pop up rigs Lewis Read
5 Carp Fishing Tips: How to tie a Longshank Pop Up Rig Martin Lewis
6 Carp Fishing Tips: Aqua's Andy Cadwallader On Session Fishing Kit Andy Cadwallader
7 Carp Fishing Tips: Advanced Bottom Bait Carp Rigs – How To Tie The D-Rig Lewis Read
8 Carp Fishing Tips: The PVA Bagging Rig Barry & Ben O’Connor
9 Carp Fishing Tips Q&A: Tips for fishing washed out baits. Baitman
10 Carp Fishing Tips Q&A: Linear Fisheries Advice Iain Macmillan
11 Carp Fishing Tips, Questions & Answers: How to pre bait for carp? Julian Grattidge
12 Carp Fishing Tips Q&A: Tips for fishing short midweek overnighters. Julian Grattidge
13 Carp Fishing Tips Q&A: Ingredients to make boilies for carp? Dean Towey
14 Carp Fishing Tips, Questions & Answers: Lift Rig Set Up for Carp? Andy Ormrod
15 Carp Fishing Q&A: Tips for fishing imitation carp baits? Julian Grattidge
16 Carp Fishing Q&A: Winter Baiting Strategies Andy Ormrod
17 Carp Fishing Tips: Car boot booty – How to buy cheap carp tackle Clint Walker
18 Carp Fishing Q&A: What’s more important; bait, tackle or approach? Andy Ormrod
19 Carp Fishing Q&A: What's the best clothing for Winter carp fishing? Andy Ormrod
20 Carp Fishing Tips: PVA and particles; it can be done! Clint Walker

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