Thursday Jun 30

Slayer Baits, Middleton

Manchester based Slayer baits have been in business for a few years now and continue to produce top quality, hand rolled baits to order. After starting out as many companies do; “…..just rolling a few baits for mates”, Tristan and Paul decided to go commercial and now manufacture baits on a much larger scale. They still roll for mates though, and, if you’re a regular customer, then you’re also counted as a friend which is a fantastic way to create even more business!

The website lists some of the exciting new baits in testing as well the already very sucessful offerings. I’m particularly intrigued by the ‘Tuna Marine Mix’ which blends three different top quality fishmeals, GLM and tuna oil along with other ingredients to establish a proven big fish catcher. Having a ‘fishy’ hook bait is something which has worked well for me this year and I intend to pursue it! For the traditionalist, ‘tutti-fruitti’ and ‘pineapple cream’ are also sold in huge numbers to anglers who are confident that they will catch. The newly released ‘Triple S’ bait is the next generation of their awesome Squid and Smoked Salmon mix, and will be a personal bait of choice for many anglers. They have taken what is believed to be the ultimate long term food source bait, and after months of extensive testing on some of the Northwest's most pressured waters, Slayerbaits feel that they have finally hit on the perfect balance of flavours and attractors, to catch consistently through out the year. This bait will catch from day one, and continue to produce when all around are struggling. Looks like a winner!

Tiger Nut Mix, concocted from three different kinds of nuts and other additives, has taken continental waters apart. Carpers in France, Belgium and Holland are taking lots of huge fish in multiple catches and report that they are constantly out performing other baits. If you are off on a foreign jolly, ordering a bulk bait package via the website will save a lot of cash on a proven offering.

The great thing about Slayerbaits is that they listen to the angler; if the products don’t work for you, Tristan and Paul will do something about it. If you think something could be tweaked to suit your style or water, then the boys will work with you to design the ultimate attractor for your fishing. How many other companies are receptive to that kind of input?!

By concentrating on a limited number of flavours, the company ensures that maximum effort goes into designing some of the best fish grabbers on the market. All baits are obtainable in various sizes from 12-24mm and have matching glugs and pop ups. Standard baits or dumbells can be supplied and are delivered UK wide; if you are in the Manchester area, they may even be hand delivered personally!

Price is a big factor to many anglers; like you, I cannot afford to lob kilos of boilies in to my local water over several weeks in order to catch carp. I’m on a budget and these baits are priced to suit. At just £8 per kilo, which falls to £7 per kilo for orders over 5kgs and even £6.50 for orders in excess of 10kgs then these highly creditable baits become excellent value for money, so why don’t you try some?

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Telephone: 07779-230202, or 07932 482940

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